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garden picture The Goose Lake Weather station is located in USDA plant hardiness zone 5a. The predominant soil types are 69A┬ŚMilford silty clay loam, and Bryce, shale substratum-Calamine silty clays.

Interested in determining the soil types in your backyard? Check out the USDA/NRCS Web Soil Survey page.

Grundy County CoCoRaHS Precipitation Map

Grundy County CoCoRaHS Precipitation Map
Illinois CoCoRaHS Map
Illinois CoCoRaHS Google Map
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Astronomical Information

Sunrise Sunset Available Daylight Hours
6:36 am 5:36 pm 11:00

Soil Information

Soil data last updated:2/23/2018 04:30 AM
Soil Temperature1 Soil Moisture2 Frost Depth3 Grass Minimum
Air Temp
4 inch: 38°F
Max:38°F  Min:38°F
4 inch: 200.0 cb 0 inches 40.0°F at: 12:00 AM 40.1°F at: 2:41 AM
12 inch: 37°F 12 inch: 200.0 cb
24 inch: 37°F 24 inch: 200.0 cb
36 inch: 39°F 36 inch: 255.0 cb

1Daily maximum and minimum 4 inch soil temperatures since midnight.
2Soil moisture is measured in centibars(cb).
  Note: When the soil moisture sensor is frozen, it will read approximately 200 cb.
3Read manually from a frost tube.
4The grass Minimum Temperature is the lowest temperature recorded since midnight in open air on short turf, with the thermometer just in contact with the tips of the blades of grass. It is also described as the temperature at 5cm (2in) above ground.

Centibar Reading Soil Condition
0-10 Saturated Soil (field capacity).
10-20 Soil is adequately wet (except coarse sands which are drying out at this range)
30-60 Usual range to irrigate or water (except heavy clay soils). Irrigate at the upper
end of this range in cool humid climates and with higher water-holding
capacity soils.
60-100 Usual range for irrigation in heavy clay soils
100-200 Soil is becoming dangerously dry for maximum production.

Soil Temperature Graph Soil Temperature Graph
4 Inch Soil Temperature 4 Inch Soil Moisture

Soil Temperature Extremes for Current Month and Year

data last updated:2/23/2018 04:30 AM
Sensor Depth Month Year
4 inch Max: 42.0°F on 2-20-2018
Min: 30.9°F on 2-2-2018
Max: 42.0°F on 2-20-2018
Min: 21.9°F on 1-6-2018
12 inch Max: 37.0°F on 2-20-2018
Min: 33.0°F on 2-14-2018
Max: 37.0°F on 2-20-2018
Min: 30.0°F on 1-6-2018
24 inch Max: 37.0°F on 2-22-2018
Min: 35.0°F on 2-14-2018
Max: 37.0°F on 1-1-2018
Min: 34.0°F on 1-8-2018
36 inch Max: 39.0°F on 2-1-2018
Min: 37.9°F on 2-8-2018
Max: 43.0°F on 1-1-2018
Min: 37.9°F on 1-25-2018

Rain/Evapotransporation/Leaf Wetness

Rainfall Evapotransporation Leaf Wetness*
Today: 0.11 in Today: 0.00 in Current reading: 15
Month: 3.74 in Month: 0.66 in

Above rainfall data from automated gauge, not accurate for snowmelt water equivalent
*Leaf wetness ranges from 0 dry to 15 wet

Evapotranspiration Graph Leaf Wetness Graph
Daily Evapotranspiration Leaf Wetness

Precipitation Past 12 Months

Rainfall last 12 months

Forecast Rainfall

forecast rainfall data provided by NOAA
Day 1
Day 1 rainfall outlook
Day 2
Day 2 rainfall outlook
Day 3
Day 3 rainfall outlook
5 and 7 Day Totals
Excessive Rainfall
Excessive rainfall outlook

Monthly Climate Data for the Upper Midwest

data courtesy The Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC)

Long Range Outlooks

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